Too hot, too cold... how to manager the temperature war at the office ?

Too hot, too cold... how to manager the temperature war at the office ?

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The temperature in the open space is a perennial debate. Women generally feel very cold and men very hot. One turns on the heater, while the others would rather like to turn on the AC…In short, it’s tough to find a common ground and the reason: we aren’t equal when it comes to temperature! So, the next time Vicky wants to impose a subtropical atmosphere to her colleagues, at the risk of melting them on spot, don’t panic! Here is everything you need to know, in case of a temperature clash at the office. 

Women and men aren’t equal

Let us reassure you, we aren’t re-writing the amendments of the Constitution! If men and women are free and equal in rights…this isn’t the case with temperature! Due to the various regulations of their body temperature, men and women don’t perceive ambient air the same way. There are many women who suffer from cold temperatures, as their bodies are slightly warmer. In the same way, men have a higher metabolism, which explains why they’re able to warm themselves up, more quickly. This may explain the reason why Vicky loves the back office, which is closer to the heater!  

How to find the ideal temperature?

1/ Use common sense

The first obvious step is to talk to your teams about it and establish a benevolent atmosphere, based on tolerance. At times, temperature clashes can be resolved with some common sense. Is Vicky opposed to the AC because her office is right next door? Could changing places help her feel better? It’s also important to limit temperature differences between the outside and inside: it shouldn’t surpass 5°C.

2/ Educate collaborators

The second step would be to educate employees to accept the cycle of seasons and adopt sustainable attitudes. It’s perfectly normal to take out one’s winter sweaters when the ambient air is a little fresh. Just like it is normal to feel a little hot during summer. Learning to put up with slight temperature variations-when these aren’t extreme, of course! -allows to limit the use of ACs’ and heaters, energy-consuming and not really environmentally friendly and at times risky for health. This is mainly the case for an AC, which in addition to favoring muscular contractures and stiff necks, can turn out to be a breeding ground for bacteria, if not cleaned properly. 

3/ Establish rules

The last step is about establishing rules, related to the use of AC and heater. No questions about managing ambient air wantonly, through musical chairs between those who get up to turn on the AC and those who get up to turn it off. So, you need to establish rules with your colleagues, together. For example, you can decide to turn on the AC when the outside temperature goes beyond 26°C, and the heater when the temperature goes below 19°C.

Think of alternative solutions

Luckily, less controversial solutions do exist instead of an AC, to achieve peace in the office. Favor tinted windows, shutters or even green roofs. If you’re thinking of moving, opt for well-insulated buildings with good orientation.

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