How to refuse the position of an Office Manager due to a bogus salary

How to refuse the position of an Office Manager due to a bogus salary

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You applied for the Office Manager position in this super cool start-up and everything seemed to go for the best: you got along with the recruiter, the offices were nice, your potential future colleagues didn’t look too stupid and the tasks were rather interesting. After the interview, the recruiter makes an offer and it’s a cold shower, the salary is not at all in keeping with your expectations. 

So, you refuse this offer, a little reluctantly: given the salary, you’ll hardly have enough to may for your rent and Netflix subscription. Therefore, you get ready to send a quick mail, where you explain that you’re going to refuse the offer, due to this miserable salary. However, be careful, it’s important to remain diplomatic in such a situation. If you’re not, you may miss out on future opportunities: you could come across the same recruiter in a few years. To refuse the position of an Office Manager, due to a bogus salary, it’s important to respect a few rules. 

Take some time to reflect

Before refusing the offer, reflect on the “pros” and “cons”. Take a sheet of paper and write down what you like and don’t like much, in terms of the salary. This way, you’ll take a wise decision. Alright, the salary is clearly not great but are the possibilities to evolve? Other advantages like a super health insurance, 10 weeks of holidays or your transport is entirely reimbursed? The super cool missions one offers you, are they going to allow your career to move forward? 

This is to say that the salary is important but it’s not everything. As seen previously, make sure that you’re not the one who is being too greedy, and that the salary you’re being offered is clearly not in tune with the market practices. 

Once you’ve assessed all these settings, take your decision. Don’t forget that it’s definitive, you can’t send an email to the recruiter to tell him “Yes no but actually, in the end I do want it please”. 

Moreover, don’t take too much time to think. If they haven’t heard from you after a week, the recruiter may end up choosing another person, who is perhaps more reactive. 

Convey your decisions through the codes of practice

This is my last word Jack. You’ve made up your mind, this position, due to its lousy salary (with all our respect), isn’t made for you. So, you’ll need to convey your decision to the recruiter. 

Choose the right communication channel

Of course, you can send a mail to express your decision but do it well, by filling in the red tape and explaining that salary is the issue, they’re nice and all but you have 2 kids to feed and a horrible loan you need to reimburse. Though make sure that you leave the door open for future exchanges. Calling the recruiter directly can also avoid misunderstandings and seem more professional. If you choose to do so, note down what you’re going to say, so that you don’t stutter and are easy about things. After the call, do send an email to make your decision completely official.  

Show your recognition

Thank the recruiter for the offer he made and the time he devoted to you. You need to give the impression that you’re refusing the offer grudgingly and it’s a complicated decision for you, as you like everything, except for the few pennies, missing in your salary. 

Explain why

There is no need to invent a bogus excuse to refuse the position, it’s better to be straight about it: the salary is the obstacle. This way, you’ll be doing this poor recruiter a favor, who has been wondering why he hasn’t found an Office Manager and it’s been 8 months. He’ll like your honesty. 

Be ready to initiate negotiation

It’s possible that the recruiter is willing to discuss the salary and increase it, especially since he loves your profile. If the salary which is offered to you is too low, but not complete nonsense at the same time, you could compromise. 

Remain in touch

Try to remain in touch with the recruiter, as much as possible. He may have other positions to offer you later on, perhaps with more interesting salaries. Add him to your LinkedIn, and like his posts when you get the chance, to butter him up once in a while.

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