How to prevent free food at the office from killing you

How to prevent free food at the office from killing you

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According to a study, 30% of the employees consider that availability of food contributes to their well-being in the company…and their desire to work. To retain workers, not many things work as good as offering food. Google, Facebook and Twitter have made it into one of their principles. But by dint of stuffing their teams, don’t they risk losing them? 

Who didn’t have a love-hate relationship with the chocolate bars in the distributor or with the chocolates for Caroline’s going away party? Don’t panic, there are solutions to provide quality snacks for your teams. Here are 6 dietary tips to keep a cool mind during the next food order: 

Use whole foods

Think of whole apples and almonds in bulk rather than protein bars and packets of chips. 

Invest in a real refrigerator

This is the only way of widening the choice of offered foods. The fridge leads to new horizons: cheeses, yoghurts but also vegetables, humus etc. Vegetarians are going to be delighted. 

Offer a real meal

Take things up a notch and offer yoghurt, cheese and saltines. Fun option: popcorn with butter, sugar and salt as an option. 

Careful with the hygiene

One doesn’t turn an office space into a cafeteria without taking a few sanitary precautions into account: food must be served in a space with a sink and antibacterial wipes for the hands. Don’t forget to wash fruits and vegetables, before serving. 

Don’t forget drinks 

Think of a sexy alternative for still water, which avoids consuming too much soda: prepare large pitchers with mint, lemon or cucumber. You can also invest in a water purifier or even a sparkling water machine! 

Avoid obsessional munchies

Can you see the Christmas foil packages which have been lying around in the middle of the open space since 2 months? Nobody wants to eat these but even so, during a stressful moment, a nocturnal and bam: you’re done with the packet. We all have the habit of snacking during stressful situations. The idea is to put food in a specific area and keep big bowls of candies or cakes for special occasions only.

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