"Dear Grandma, I am an Office Manager !"

"Dear Grandma, I am an Office Manager !"

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You have a hard time explaining your Office Manager job to your grandma? Check out our letter, which you can use ;)


Dear grandma, you’ll be happy to know that I have just started a new job: I am an Office Manager. Let me stop you here as I can already hear you thinking “what is this new invention” with a doubtful look. You’re wondering what “office” means in this context and surely thinking about Uncle Bernard’s notarial office. Well no. I haven’t joined priesthood and taken the vow of chastity like Cousin Angela. I am not going to make you pine any longer, take an herbal tea, get seated comfortably and I’ll tell you everything. 

I am someone important

You’ll be delighted to know that I am someone important and not just in your heart. I am employed at the company as being responsible for several tasks related to office life-and believe me there is a lot to be done!

Some say I am an assistant, but I would rather qualify myself as the “super assistant”! Dozens of people count on me as there are a lot of things to handle on a daily basis, for a company to function properly! 

You don’t know what I do every day? Let me give you a few examples. 

I do many things (really!)

First of all, I am in charge of everything to do with the office. For example, taking care of the correspondence, answering the phone just like a master key, I am the guardian of the key in the box! If a printer doesn’t work anymore or there aren’t enough paper clips, one calls upon me as well! Don’t worry grandma, everyone is kind to me-in fact they’d better be as I am the one who orders the coffee! 

You should also know that I handle the company’s accounts! Yes, I work with important sectors like the accounting, finances…I coordinate all this so that the company functions well. At times my boss asks me to draw out budgets and keep an eye on the expenses of the company. This is no picnic! 

Another super important task, I act as the link with all the people related to the company: clients, suppliers, external staff. I manage quotes, invoices, payments…and when a client forgets to pay, I call and yell at him but rest assured, very politely just like you taught me!  

Besides all this, I do fun things too. For example, I use my overflowing creativity and take care of the company’s decoration. Watching home decor shows has finally paid off! 

Another thing, do you remember when I used to party a lot and you used to say that a “professional party animal” isn’t a job? Well, you were wrong! You should know that thanks to my “experience” in this sector, I am now paid to plan out parties and events for the company! So yes, it’s a little different, a little more serious, nobody swims around in cheap beer over here, but it’s still very pleasant! 

I also take care of many things related to staff. I make sure that everyone gets paid for example. I also take part in recruitment. There are quite a few tasks to handle when newcomers join the company. One has to write the job description, manage applicants etc. I make sure that our newcomers are properly welcomed when they join the company. Like you always told me, there is nothing more important than a warm welcome! 


In fact, I have a task which is going to surprise you. I am the happiness manager at the office. You’re surely going to wonder, now what is this cook up, but I am serious! In short, I make sure that everyone is happy and satisfied in the office. So of course, the deco, parties, welcoming people contributes to all this. But I also play the shrink during my free time and I regularly pass on the grievances of my colleagues to the boss. Together, we make it a point that everyone is happy when they come to work! 

You see grandma, you can be proud of me, I have a quite a responsibility!

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