6 golden rules for digital disconnection

6 golden rules for digital disconnection

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Smartphones has revolutionized our lives, in a good way…and also in the worst way ever! Today, one can’t even keep count of the number of issues triggered due to being a technology addict. Telephones, applications and social networks make us completely addictive! To such an extent that their absence creates a sort of lack and makes us indulge in compulsive behaviors…A genuine drug! 

To overcome this psychic saturation and preserve one’s mental health, it is therefore urgent to learn to disconnect. Easier said than done! Here are a few golden rules to help you succeed, with your “digital detox”: 

1. Feel rightful in one’s right to disconnect

It should be known disconnecting is a right. It’s even part of the law since 2016! Enterprises are now forced to write down a charter, to respect this right. So, you’re entitled to turn off your professional phone, once you’ve left the office. Don’t feel guilty if you wait for the next morning to answer this email, which is apparently marked urgent. In fact, is it really “urgent”?

2. Divide working and personal time

Whether it’s during the evening after work, weekend or during holidays, put aside some time for yourself, for your family and your friends. Favor genuine exchanges, rather than virtual ones. If possible, leave your professional phone at work, so that you can peacefully unplug, without being tempted to take a look, “just in case”. 

3. Stay away from reading mails, at all costs

Yes, because you’re kind. And polite. And helpful. And you respond when one asks you a question. Except in the present case, you very well know that if you were to read your mails, you’ll be tempted to answer. Forget about this at once! So, we take care of yourself and forbid yourself from consulting mails from home, during the evening. 

4. Turn off notifications

Oh, these notifications and their light which warns us, that we’ve received a new message! We dread these or we wait for them impatiently, one needs to face facts: we are all hooked! So, we go to the settings of our phone and we put all this on mute, outside of working hours so that we can spend a pleasant moment, away from the hustle and bustle! And for the braver ones, we put our phone on the airplane mode! 

5. Notify one’s contacts

When one begins practicing the digital fasting, it’s possible that one’s network isn’t able to keep up. Especially if you were used to being super available, all the time. So, it’s important you tell your boss, that there is no use calling at 11 pm as usual, as now he’ll get your voicemail. Or even your clients, that after 7pm all emails will be systematically answered on the next day. It’s important to tell your contacts that you won’t be reachable…and you stick to this! 

6. Preserve good habits

There is no question about disconnecting for a week and then giving into the temptation and then relapsing! It’s important to maintain your new habits. Indeed, just like all addictions, you’ll only see the benefits of this digital detox in time. When you’ll gain in the quality of your life. When your family life would have improved. When you’ll renew a past passion, which was neglected for several years: “due to lack of time”. When you’ll find simple pleasures: gardening, reading, sports, meditation…When you’ll reconnect, but with real things, this time!

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