3 types of mor** bosses and how to handle them

3 types of mor** bosses and how to handle them

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You surely got the chance to work with a mor** boss. Whether it’s in your current job or during your past experiences. It’s not easy to handle such a boss. The latter can quickly make your life miserable. Working with such a boss is a daily challenge, however not insurmountable. Before leaving your job (and potentially coming across another mor** boss), let’s try to analyze the various possibilities within reach, to handle these maniacs. Here are 3 types of mor**bosses and how to manage them. 

A believer of micro-management

The profile:

We’ve come across at least one micro-manager. Regardless of the issue, even invoicing partners for choosing toilet paper, he is nosy about absolutely everything and always has something to say. Office managers don’t take this personally, this is how he works with everyone. Perfectionist, he thinks he is able to improve things with his little touch, but the truth is, he just makes you waste time and lose your temper. 

How to handle:

To try and handle a boss who believes in micro-management, the best solution is to properly define his expectations. When you’re given a new task by the latter, take the time to understand what expects out of you, AS ACCURATELY AS POSSIBLE. There shouldn’t be any room for doubt, both of you need to be on the same wavelength. If a boss practices micro-management, deep down it’s simply because he’s scared of losing control of his company. 

Being nosy gives him the impression of being in control. If you take the time to properly understand his needs, he should be less afraid of delegating his work. If he trusts you, he should (almost) leave you at peace. However, be careful, a micro-manager won’t give you complete freedom but if he can see that you’re able to meet his expectations, the relationship at work will improve with time. Try to be patient. 

A self-centered bully:

The profile:

He doesn’t leave any room for courtesy: he bluntly tells you what to do, how to do it and when to do it, without actually being polite, something we teach our children when they are 4 years old, for example a simple “please”. A real dictator, he lives through his ego and assumes that everyone treats him as a hero, the savior, the ship’s captain. Therefore, he takes credit for all the achievements. However, when things don’t work out, he willingly bites your head off. Moreover, shouting is his passion.

How to manage:

You won’t be able to change the bullying nature of a dictator. When one is egocentric, one constantly seeks for collaborators to confirm our actions and remarks, to strengthen our ego even further (actually weak). The best way to work with such a boss it to ignore his need for constant validations. This doesn’t mean not respecting your boss, but don’t feed the monster through bootlicking or useless compliments. Keep your distance and avoid being emotive or infuriated. Try to be strategic, develop a stronger relationship with other collaborators or manager, the number 2 in the company for example.  

Last but not least, keep track of your achievements, to whip them out if need be, at the right moment (like while negotiating your salary).  

A boss « who is not supposed to be here»

The profile:

He doesn’t have any knowledge of management whatsoever and is definitely not charismatic, has a hard time keeping up with the sector’s jargon and doesn’t inspire any confidence. Nobody even him, doesn’t know how he got here. But he is here: he’s the boss. Office Managers, you have more knowledge than him and you would make a better boss, in fact your colleague Vicky can’t stop repeating this (and you willingly accept the compliment). What to do when your boss is a true phony? 

How to manage:

Stop listening to that little frustrated voice which tells you “I would be a much better boss, so why not me?”. Your boss is incompetent, of course but stop highlighting his weaknesses. You surely know more than him but give up on your pride and help him: both of you will learn a lot from this. Don’t try to attack him but make sure he makes up for his weaknesses, even though it’s not going to be an easy task.

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