18 questions which you need to absolutely ask in your collaborator satisfaction survey

18 questions which you need to absolutely ask in your collaborator satisfaction survey

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A while back, we explained to you how to measure the satisfaction of your collaborators. You’re now convinced that it does have several advantages! But you don’t know what questions to ask in your collaborator satisfaction survey. The aim of these surveys is to get a precise impression from your dear colleagues, so the way put this across is very important. Let us spoon feed you: here are 18 questions that you must ask in your collaborator satisfaction survey (not necessarily in the same survey, of course!). 

How your collaborators feel, from the general point of view

  • What do you most like about your work?

This question allows you to highlight the strong points of your company. You can later use these strong points, to build a solid employer brand. 

  • What was the n°1 reason when you joined the company?

Once again, it’s about identifying the pleasant aspects of your company, which you may be able to use during your future recruitment processes. 

  • Do you feel your work is meaningful?

Meaningful work: an increasingly important issue, especially for the young generation. If your collaborators think that their work painfully lacks meaning, there is an issue. 

  • From a score of 1 to 10, how do you judge your pro/personal life balance?  

Pro/personal life balance makes a huge impact on retaining your collaborators. You’d better work on this point, if you wish to retain your talents. 

  • What did you like the most in your previous company?

Always an interesting information to get, you’ll surely find ideas to implement within your own company. 

  • If you were to leave the company tomorrow, what would be the reason?

“I want to raise a cattle”, “My boss is an as*” etc.…Here is a question which will make you identify the areas which require improvement.

Impression on the company

  • If you were to describe our company’s culture in a word?

You’ll be surprised to notice that sometimes, it’s far from what you thought…

  • Do you think our company has a more important goal than money?

Once again, the younger generation (but not just them) require meaningful work. They want that the company where they work, to make a positive impact on the world. Is that your case? 

  • Would you recommend others to work here?

If your employees appreciate their work and the culture of the company, they should answer yes. If not, you know the answer.

  • Was your onboarding helpful?

Onboarding (or integration) is often the key to success for a newcomer, and even for the business, actually. It is therefore important to make it work. 

  • What makes you go crazy at times here?

As an Office Manager, you don't necessarily have the same vision as your colleagues. Some things may seem completely weird to them, without you noticing these.

  • Are you proud to work here? Why?

Your employees should not be ashamed of working in your company, if so, you need to understand why.

Impression on the management

  • Did you feel acknowledged by your manager, in the last 4 weeks?

Office Managers, you know better than anyone, recognition is key in order to remain motivated. An employee who isn’t acknowledged at all, doesn’t feel worthy. The latter is unhappy and much less efficient.

  • Are your objectives clear?

The definition of the objectives is key; however it is still necessary that these objectives are clear, accepted, defined in time and realistic (SMART objectives, you know how it goes…). Poorly defined goals, and your business hits a brick wall. 

  • Do you feel respected by your manager?

If the answer is no, get ready to see one of your collaborators (satisfaction surveys must remain anonymous) to leave soon..

  • Do you have the impression that all managers are on the same wavelength?

Managers are necessarily all different, but they must maintain a common line of conduct, to favor your company’s cohesion. 

  • Are you at ease when it comes to giving your manager feedback about his management ?

There is no reason why feedback should only be given in one direction. Employees should also be able to give feedback to their managers so that they can improve themselves, as well. 

  • Have you observed any change, since we’ve been carrying out these collaborator satisfaction surveys?

It is important that your employees can feel the impact and progress of your business, due to the satisfaction surveys that you carry out. Otherwise, why waste 10 minutes answering these?

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